First Reviews of The Turing Test Are In

Turing Cover 100My latest book, The Turing Test is out, and the first reviews are in. Here are a few samples from the reviews (all five star) posted at Amazon so far:

Beyond any shadow of doubt, 'The Turing Test' is a worthy addition to the Frank Adversego series and more than satisfied my every expectation ... For me, 'The Turing Test' is a stealthier creature. It packs its punches in a different but equally effective manner, delivering a terrific tension and suspense that ebbs and flows throughout a lengthy narrative peppered with twists, turns and shocking surprises ...

Here’s an excerpt from a review written by another faithful follower of Frank:

This is now the fourth book starring Frank Adversego, so this is now a real series. With each book, the author catches the spirit of the times almost perfectly. After the second book about the US presidential elections, I thought life was imitating art. If I had read this fourth book a year ago, I would have considered it too speculative. But today, whenever I open a book or magazine, AI is featuring in speculations about not if, but when robots will take over the job market, or even all human decisions and creativity. This subject has all the ingredients for an exciting thriller, and the author shows he knows how to combine them to do just that.

What I like most about this series is that technology is not just a stage prop or some magical device, but it is real technology with real powers and real limitations. This book is no exception. Instead of some faceless, all-powerful demon, the AI, Turing, is a human artefact with strengths and limitations. Humans are bound to give Turing a personality, although the story just describes it as a product of human ingenuity and explains the technology behind its human-like features.

You can read the rest of these reviews and two others here.

And while we’re at it, here are some recent reviews from my other books, in case you haven’t sampled them yet.

Posted to The Alexandria Project’s Amazon page:

5.0 out of 5 stars: Read it!

One of the most delightfully thrilling thrillers I have ever read.  Most cyber stories fall apart when you know something about cyber. Andy’s doesn’t. They don’t get much better than this.

5.0 out of 5 stars: Extremely clever and a great read – highly recommend

Cyber-security thrillers are a hard line for an author to walk in that they need to be technically savvy yet engaging and suspenseful and this one does it really well – but the true delight was the all the witty satire that kept me laughing out loud or chortling to myself. The social commentary is spot on.

From The Lafayette Project Amazon page:

5.0 out of 5 stars:  My new favorite author

Andrew Updegrove is my new favorite Author! This book deals with real possibilities of a disastrous future for the world with humor and intelligence … Loved this and his other books too!

From The Doodlebug War’s Amazon page:

5.0 out of 5 stars: Doodlebug

This book had a little bit of everything, skillfully woven together. It included politics, terrorism, morals, values, and understanding of self.

Well, what can I say? Why don’t you pick up an eBook or print format copy of one of my books today and find out what all the fuss is about?

You can find the complete Frank Adversego Thriller series here.

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