Two Ways of Looking at a Conflict

In my last blog post, I focused on the fact that Governor-Elect Deval Patrick had named an eight-member technology adviosry group to counsel him during his transition period.  One of the members appointed was John Cullinane, a senior stateman of New England technology, and the founder of early software-success Cullinet Software, Inc.  Another was Microsoft Regional Director for Public Affairs Brian Burke, who had led the continuing Microsoft effort to persuade Massachusetts not to adopt ODF.

Just now, I received my copy of MHT (formerly Mass High Tech), in which staff writer Catherine Williams is reporting that Cullinane has decided to recuse himself from the appointment, due to the fact that he is the Chairman of the Board of a company called LiveData, Inc.  Why, because that company has an existing contract with Massachusetts.  His replacement will be Matt DeBergalis, a co-founder of a new software startup named Auburn Quad Inc.  Williams reports that this company was used by the Patrick campaign to raise more than $1 million in contributions.   While I'm at it, I might also mention that Court Square Data Group inc.,