Introducing “Ideas Today, Politics Tomorrow”

Ask someone of a certain age today how politically engaged they think young adults are, and they’re likely to respond “not very.”  And in fact, the current U.S. political system is dysfunctional enough that someone of any age could be forgiven for simply turning away in disgust. Of course, that does no one any good. Or, as we used to say back in the 1960’s, “If you’re not part of the solution, then you’re part of the problem.”

All of which makes me happy to bring your attention to a Web site called Ideas Today, Politics Tomorrow, for which my daughter Nora is a staff writer.  She writes primarily about foreign affairs, and like everyone else at the site (including the founders), she’s unpaid.

The catch line to the site title is, “Ideas without partisanship,” indicating an attitude that is all too rare today. The site describes its purpose in greater detail as follows:

Ideas Today, Politics Tomorrow (ITPT) will feature fresh analysis of power and process in our political system. Inspired by the youthful idealism that makes America great and written by young people across the country, we promise to be thoughtful and original in our posts and opinions.

We’re new. We’re nimble. We’re growing. We’re always looking for high-quality content. Our contributors use this platform to develop new and innovative thoughts about political reform and other policy domains. If you have something to say about a current event or want to share your expertise, please use our submission form to get in touch.

Our name is a promise that our ideas are independent of our political allegiance and a commitment to bring the best ones to the political arena, if not today, then as soon as we get the chance.

Other topics writers and contributors cover include Campaigns, Economics, Justice, Media, Non-Profit and Political Reform.  Most of the writers are young professionals trying to make their way in a difficult employment market, and who are contributing their ideas and idealism in their free time.  You can put faces to that brief summary here. 

If this stirs memories of your own youthful idealism and gives you a bit more hope for the future of our nation, you can subscribe to their feed here, and their Twitter page is here.

Better yet, take just a moment to give them a boost by liking their Facebook page, or Tweeting a recommendation to your friends. You’ll be helping them, and, who knows, you just may be helping yourself as well.

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