The Lafayette Campaign: First Reviews!

Courtesy Montanabw/Wikimedia Commons - Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.I'm happy to report that the launch of my second cybersecurity thriller, titled The Lafayette Campaign, a Tale of Deception and Elections, of off to a great start in a couple of ways. First, and most eerily, the rise of Donald Trump in the U.S. presidential campaign polls is straight out of the plot (how do I keep doing this?) And second, the first reviews are coming in every bit as favorably as I could have hoped. Below are some shortened versions that will give you an idea what the book is about, and what people think of it.

Another gripping tale from the author of The Alexandria Project (Five Stars)

By Andrew Oliver on July 7, 2015

Those of us fortunate to read The Alexandria Project have been anxiously waiting to see where Frank will go next. Now we know: the forthcoming US Presidential Election. This book, like the first, is extremely well-written, timely, witty …. and scary. Could it happen? The theme of The Alexandria Project seemed unlikely…until it happened. Read The Lafayette Campaign to find out what may happen in 2016!

Wonderful Vacation Entertainment! (Five Stars)

By Marcus Case on July 29, 2015

This is the second of Updegrove’s superb technothrillers to come my way and I’m already waiting in line for the third. In ‘The Lafayette Campaign’ he brings his expert knowledge of cybersecurity to bear in the political field and offers his readers a terrific read that not only rivals but also complements his previous book, ‘The Alexandria Project’. I felt ‘The Lafayette Campaign’ works at a gentler pace than its predecessor, bringing new dimensions to the narrative and enabling Updegrove’s accomplished pen to cast its spell in different and fascinating ways….‘The Lafayette Campaign’ is a substantial read with some great characterisation, memorable atmospheric scenes and enough twists and turns to make you giddy….Wonderful vacation entertainment!

Just released!

The sequel to The Alexandria Project

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By S. Bruisten on July 12, 2015
Being a fan of the "Alexandria Project" of Updegrove, I really enjoyed reading "The Lafayette Campaign" which is a worthy successor as Book 2. It is a cyber-thriller in the tradition of Tom Clancy and Dan Brown. Although the story seems to unfold in tried-and-tested thriller form, the plot keeps surprising the reader. Updegrove adds to the plot a funny satyrical view of the USA presidential election circus. It is easy to recognize the protagonists. It is even more fun to see that the reader can easily replace them by the current presidential candidate-hopefuls….

As in the "Alexandria Project", Updegrove succeeds in explaining very clearly how easy it is to subvert and corrupt the everyday technology that we rely on. With perennial suspicions about electronic voting machines, "The Lafayette Campaign" is a thriller that will make us think again when we see the presidential candidates move up and down in the polls and any "surprises" in voting outcomes. This book makes me hope that Book 3 will not take too long.


By Ralph A Rodriguez on July 8, 2015

Andrew Updegrove’s first book, The Alexandria Project, exposed institutional hacking and security flaws that allowed those with skill and understanding of our internal cyber vulnerabilities to easily take the US to the brink of disaster.

This time around, he takes advantage of the upcoming Presidential Election to show how easily a cyber-security disaster of a different type could unfold. The Lafayette Campaign unspools a masterful plot of deceit, creativity, sexual manipulation and coverup to ensure that you won’t be able to stop reading, all the while wondering if PAC money diverted and spent on cyber hacking could steal an election from the American people. Read The Lafayette Campaign to see why a Stuxnet like attack against American voters isn’t so far fetched in 2016…

If the above piques your fancy, you can read the first three chapters for free here. Or you can buy the book in eBook or print forms, available at Amazon. Why not give it a try now?


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