Editor's Note

We’re All in This Together

A playwright once waggishly titled a play, “Stop the World — I want to get off!” Problem is, there’s nowhere else to go.

The Pendulum Swings Both Ways

A perfect balance seldom lasts long in nature, let alone at the intersection of politics and commerce. Still, when the pendulum is found to be too far off center, it’s time for it to start swinging back.

Giving it a Name

Executives are fond of observing that you can’t manage something until you can measure it. Communications experts have another insight: you need to give a problem a name before you can get people to solve it.

A Standard for a Digital Age

The Information Age of the 20th Century was great, but the Digital Age of our new Millennium can be even better — that is, if you can find what you’re looking for.

Security — Then and Now

Once upon a time, a lock on your door and a key in your pocket meant security. Those days are over.

With Renewed Energy

In the last issue, I wrote that I might return to standards and the Obama administration in the future. It didn’t take long.