Editor's Note

With Access and Information for All

Over the last two hundred years, poll taxes, literacy tests and other artificial barriers have too often stood between the less privileged and the exercise of their rights of citizenship. Will the migration of government services to the Web be a great leap forward, or an avoidably negligent step back?

First the Standards, then the Solution

After Congress signs off on the c. $825 billion Economic Stimulus bills, some of those billions will go towards implementing Electronic Health Records. The temptation will be to begin spending that money immediately. The trick will be in spending it on the right projects first.

All for One and One for All

For centuries, the life of the author, inventor or researcher has largely been solitary rather than collaborative. Just another one of those cases where the Internet really is changing everything.


Standards can provide the means to accomplish big picture goals, but they are neutral in and of themselves. The big picture that includes threats like global warming requires big answers based on new ways of thinking.