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News archives for: Topical News > Cloud Computing
Date Entry
August 22, 2019 Linux Foundation Powers Up on IBM's OpenPOWER
July 17, 2019 EdgeX Foundry Announces Production Ready Release Providing Open Platform for IoT Edge to a Growing Global Ecosystem
February 7, 2019 ETSI Unveils Cybersecurity Specification to Secure Sensitive Sunctions in Virtualized Environment
September 24, 2018 SNIA Cloud Data Management Interface Now an Open Source Standard
August 20, 2018 New IEEE 1934 Standard Delivers Framework for Developing Applications and Business Models Enabled by Fog Computing
June 27, 2018 IEEE Adopts OpenFog Reference Architecture as Fog Computing Standard
June 4, 2018 OpenStack Foundation Wants Us All To Agree On “The Edge”
February 23, 2018 AT&T Brings Akraino Networking Project to Edge of the Linux Foundation
February 1, 2018 Cloud computing: Now as vital as power, transport and fresh water?
January 2, 2018 Unraveling the MEC Standards Puzzle
August 11, 2017 Industry leaders to form consortium for network and computing infrastructure of automotive big data
July 28, 2017 IoT Orchestration Coming, But Slowly
July 24, 2017 Why the Industrial IoT Needs an Open-Source Edge Platform
July 27, 2017 IEEE and National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Team on Standards Development for Intercloud Interoperability and Federation
June 6, 2017 When standards aren

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