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Title: "Standardization of Components, Products and Processeswith Data Mining"
Authors: Bruno Agard Département de Mathématiques et de Génie Industriel, École Polytechnique de Montréal,
Andrew Kusiak Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, The University of Iowa.
Publication Date: August 1 2004
Free/Fee: Free Access
Reads: 14167
Abstract: Data mining offers tools for extracting knowledge from databases. This paper discusses applications of data mining in standardization of components, products, and processes. Standardization of components is accomplished using association rules derived from customers’ requirements. A design process is proposed for the standardization of products. The design of a unique standardized product, different standardized products, and a standardized product for a selected group of customers are considered. A methodology for process standardization is proposed. Each approach discussed in the paper is illustrated with an industrial scenario.
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