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Title: "The Next Big Election Challenge: Developing Electronic Data Transaction Standards for Election Administration"
Authors: Michael Alvarez Professor of Political Science and Co-Director, Caltech/MIT Voting Technology Project California Institute of Technology
Thad E. Hall Assistant Professor Department of Political Science University of Utah
Publication Date: July 1 2005
Free/Fee: Free Access
Reads: 14883
Abstract: In this report, Professors Alvarez and Hall discuss the challenge of moving toward the implementation of a set of electronic transaction standards (ETS) for election administration across the nation. According to the authors of the report, such a standard would allow election management systems to communicate seamlessly and share data to create a more accurate, cost-effective, and accessible election process and voting experience. Such a standard would enable state and local governments to adopt a modular approach to better integrate election management and voting products, make possible the development of truly integrated voter registration systems, and enhance the ability to conduct consistent and effective post-election audits of elections.
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