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Title: "Theorizing about Standardization: Integrating Fragments of Process Theory in Light of Telecommunication Standardization Wars"
Authors: Vladislav Fomin
Thomas Keil
Kalle Lyytinen
Source: Sprouts: Working Papers on Information Environments, Systems and Organizations, ISSN 1535-6078
Publication Date: January 2 2003
Free/Fee: Free Access
Reads: 11859
Abstract: Standards play an important role within information and communication technology as it becomes networked and complex. No single model has yet been developed to address how successful standards emerge. We propose a dynamic process model of standardization that integrates separate lines of inquiry to standardization activities including Simon's theory of artifact design (D), Weick's concept of sense-making (S) and Latour's concept of negotiation in socio-technical networks (N), and organizes them into a hierarchically organized web of standardization events. We investigate three standardization processes in the telecommunication industry with the D-S-N model to explain the progression of these standardization processes.
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