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Title: "Standards development for information technology: best practices for the United States"
Authors: Jonathan A Morell Industrial Technology Institute
Selden Stewart National Institute for Standards and Technology
Source: StandardView, Volume 4, Issue 1 Pages: 42 - 51
Publication Date: March 1996
Free/Fee: Payment or membership required
Reads: 7706
Abstract: This article synthesizes the discussion during a 1993 workshop sponsored by the National Institute of Standards and Technology and the Industrial Technology Institute. One might think that this information is by now outdated, but the synthesis deals with the forces affecting standardization; these issues seem as salient today as in the past. Major issues regarding the lack of business focus on the part of those involved in standards committees are raised. Most committee members approach questions of standardization from a technical perspective. The authors conclude that three activities must take place in the development of standards: the actual technical work of developing the standard, market development for products that conform with the standard, and coordinated management of all work. This article discusses all three of these steps, including the development of metrics with which to measure adherence to standards. It also discusses the life cycle of products, and the relationship between this life cycle and standards that may affect a product's development and marketability.
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