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Title: "Designing standards to improve process interoperability"
Author: J. G Nell National Institute of Standards and Technology
Source: Internet
Publication Date: March 2000
Free/Fee: Free Access
Reads: 1516
Abstract: This paper identifies issues that, if resolved, will help define a realistic role for standards in defining the different necessary components of enterprise integration. Standards can help vendors create software products that enable automated information transfers among any organization of processes. The standards will define guidelines and requirements for designing new enterprises and software-system components that can operate in a more integrated mode, and for creating enterprise models. Environments that allow systems to self-integrate can encourage vendors to create software products that can accomplish the information transfers required by any organization of processes. These transfers will provide a path for enterprises to approach higher levels of integration. The environment will comprise standards and tools. Self-integrating systems will operate in a standard way to find a way for processes to communicate to the maximum of the installed capability of the process.
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