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Title: "Patents and Standards A modern framework for IPR-based standardization"
Author: The European Competitiveness and Sustainable Industrial Policy Consortium
Publication Date: March 25 2014
Free/Fee: Free Access
Reads: 1562
Abstract: The principle objective of this study is to collect quantitative and qualitative data on IPR-based standardization, with a focus on identifying barriers for efficient licensing of SEPs and on possible solutions to these barriers. The analysis is based on a review of the IPR and standardization framework in four industries: communication technology, consumer electronics, automotive and smart grids. The study identifies a range of options to lower barriers to SEP licensing and assesses these in terms of costs, benefits, and effectiveness. This report should aid the European Commission in its attempts to improve the European governance of SEP licensing arrangements. It can also be useful in the (ongoing) work of standard setting organizations on their IPR policies and rules.
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