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Title: "Intellectual Property and Standards in Brazil"
Author: Denis Barbosa
Publication Date: September 1 2012
Free/Fee: Free Access
Reads: 4356
Abstract: There is presently no Federal public policy in Brazil dealing with the relationship between the Intellectual Property system and Standard-Setting Processes, which will condition our analytical perspective: it is not possible to describe the strategies and methods utilized by the Brazilian Government policies, but just to sketch the extent and character of the problem that would be the target of such policies, if they were to be created and applied. Why is the Brazilian Government so careless with this relevant problem, whereas other emerging economies have dedicated significant domestic and International efforts to develop their own policies on the same issue? Simple disregard as to the importance of IP and standard-setting procedures is certainly not the cause. Although lacking as yet a uniform Intellectual Property Policy, the Brazilian Federal Government has been striving to create and enforce a coherent Innovation and Development strategy and standard setting is a relevant portion of this drive.
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