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Title: "Using TMN Standards to Solve Proprietary Aspects in SDH Multivendor Network Management"
Authors: Rogerio Koehn
Carmen Guerrero
Angel Vina
Source: Internet
Publication Date:
Free/Fee: Free Access
Reads: 1541
Abstract: This paper proposes a TMN framework to solve standardization problems in management of multivendor SDH networks. One of the most important items in SDH network management is the information model that implements every function of SDH equipment at network level. Although the framework of SDH information model has been defined quite well, the design constraints of a real implementation urge vendors to implement proprietary features, and make it more difficult to get an integrated view of multivendor SDH networks management. To solve these proprietary aspects, this work proposes an agent-manager architecture that allows an integrated view of a multivendor SDH network and only one interface towards a multivendor integrated management.
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