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Title: "What Are And Why Standards?: A Pragmatic And E-Commerce Perspective"
Authors: Jake Knoppers
David Clemis
Source: Internet
Publication Date: March 5 2001
Free/Fee: Free Access
Reads: 1920
Abstract: The need for a standards-based approach is a key component of the implementation of the Canadian government's strategy for electronic commerce, i.e., &quot;For electronic commerce to be globally adopted, common standards for both interoperability and language independent communication are required&quot;. {Summit Paper, p. 3.3}The focus of this contribution is to serve as a common base and understanding among diverse parties, their interests and perspectives of &quot;What are Standards?&quot;.Significant confusion and misunderstandings currently exist as to what &quot;standards&quot;are. Added to this confusion is the debate on methods of implementation and enforcement of standards, i.e., via &quot;regulation&quot; versus &quot;self-regulation&quot;.
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