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Title: "Standards and Verification for Fair-Exchange and Atomicity in E-Commerce Transactions"
Authors: Bonnie Anderson Brigham Young University - School of Accountancy
James Hansen Brigham Young University - School of Accountancy
Paul Lowry Brigham Young University - Department of Information Systems
Scott Summers Brigham Young University - School of Accountancy
Source: Information Sciences, Vol. 176, pp. 1045-1066, 2006
Publication Date: February 14 2005
Free/Fee: Free Access
Reads: 5069
Abstract: Electronic commerce can be defined as the conduct of commerce in goods and services, with the assistance of telecommunications and telecommunications-based tools. The economic growth potential of e-commerce is extraordinary - but so are the challenges that lie on the path toward success. One of the more pressing challenges is how to ensure the integrity and reliability of the transaction process: key aspects being fair-exchange and atomicity assurance
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