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Title: "Strategies for Incorporating Data Exchange Standards in E-Business Taxonomies"
Authors: Tamer E. El-Diraby University of Toronto, Canada
Celson Lima Centre Scientifique Technique Du Batiment, France
Bruno Fies Centre Scientifique Technique Du Batiment, France
Publication Date: October 1 2005
Free/Fee: Free Access
Reads: 4264
Abstract: Product models are very suitable for data exchange between software systems. They, however, have less effectiveness when it comes to exchange of information in a semantic web environment. Users need to have the ability to use industry terminology and standard vocabulary. Ontologies have been used by industries to establish effective semantic web environment for e-business and the exchange of information. Mapping product data models and classification systems into ontologies is a meaningful decision. This will allow the use of industry standards and terminology. This paper compares different strategies that have been used for incorporating IFC into semantic web technologies. It also proposes an agent-based distributed architecture for dynamically managing ontology mapping in the construction industry.
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