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Title: "Open Development: Is the"
Authors: Alan G. Isaac Department of Economics, American University
Walter G. Park Department of Economics, American University
Publication Date: October 19 2005
Free/Fee: Free Access
Reads: 6110
Abstract: IP controversies are an increasing part of biotechnology policy discussions. Those concerned that strong IP regimes may limit innovation have considered patent thickets, fragmented rights, and transaction costs. Those concerned that strong IP regimes may adversely affect developing countries have considered the limited access of the poor to much needed biotechnologies (including pharmaceuticals and food crops) and to the resources needed to generate new IP claims. This chapter explores and critiques an approach to stimulating innovation and diffusion that has drawn increasing attention: open development. In the process, it examines the some of the analogies that have been made to free and open source software manufacturing, where remarkable innovation and value creation have taken place outside of traditional IP regimes.
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