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Title: "Application Response Measurement Issue 3.0 - Java Binding"
Author: The Open Group IT consortium
Publication Date: March 1 2001
Free/Fee: Free Access
Reads: 15816
Abstract: It is hard to imagine conducting business around the globe without computer systems, networks, and software. People distribute and search for information, communicate with each other, and transact business. Computers are increasingly faster, smaller, and less expensive. Networks are increasingly faster, have more capacity, and more reliable. Software has evolved to better exploit the technological advances and to meet demanding new requirements. The IT infrastructure has become more complex. We have become more dependent on the business applications built on this infrastructure because they offer more services and improved productivity. ARM is a standard for measuring service levels of singlesystem and distributed applications. ARM measures the availability and performance of transactions (any units of work), both those visible to the users of the business application and those visible only within the IT infrastructure, such as client/server requests to a data server.
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