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Lutz, Richard, "Migrating the HLA Object Model Template to an IEEE Standard," 1 March 2000
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Jakobs, Kai, "Producing Standards for Communication Systems - The Impact of the Individual," Fifth IEEE Symposium on Computers and Communications (ISCC 2000), Antibes, France, 4 July 2000
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Hermansen, Knud E., "Goal v. Technical Standards," 1 January 2000
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Arora, Rakesh, "Voice over IP : Protocols and Standards," 7 February 2000
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Nittel, Silvia and Stephan Winter, "Formalisation of Spatial Standards," 1 February 2000
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Carinhas, Ph.D., Philip, "Linux Fundamentals - A Training Manual," 23 December 2000
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Rada, Roy, "Sharing Standards: Consensus versus Speed?," Communications of the ACM 38,10 (1995): 21-23, 2000
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Pfannes, Peter, "Strategic Levers in Standardization Processes in the Mobile Communication Industry," Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley, 2000
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Jakobs, Kai, Robin Williams, Ian Graham and Michael Wallbaum, "Designing An Open Track & Trace System - The Socio-Economic Context," Aachen University Computer Science Department, Informatik IV, 2000
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Jakobs, Kai, "Information Technology Standards, Standards Setting and Standards Research," Stanhope Centre for Communications Policy Research: Cotswolds Conference, 2000
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Egyedi, Tineke M, "Institutional Dilemma in ICT Standardisation: Co-ordinating the Diffusion of Technology?," Delft University of Technology, 2000
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Wilson, Michael, "Standards and Reference Architectures: Their Purpose and Establishment," 1 May 1999
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Suzuki, Junichi and Yoshikazu Yamamoto, "Toward the interoperable software design models: quartet of UML, XML, DOM and CORBA," 1 June 1999
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Vercoulen, Frank and Marc van Wegberg, "Standard Selection Modes in Dynamic, Complex Industries: Creating Hybrids between Market Selection and Negotiated Selection of Standards," Aachen University Computer Science Department, Informatik IV, June 1999
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Hanseth, Ole and Eric Monteiro, "Inscribing behaviour in information infrastructure standards," Ole Hanseth's web, 11 March 1998
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