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Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)


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Software Freedom Law Center, "Windows vs. Linux: The Patent Tax," 16 April 2007
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Meyer, David L.., "How to Address &quot;Hold Up&quot; in Standard Setting Without Deterring Innovation:Harness Innovation by SDOs," 26 March 2008
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Evans, David S. and Anne Layne-Farrar, "Software Patents and Open Source: The Battle Over Intellectual Property Rights," 8 January 2006
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CENDI Copyright Working Group, "Frequently Asked Questions about Copyright and Computer Software: Issues Affecting the U.S. Government with Special Emphasis on Open Source Software," 1 November 2009
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Lemley, Mark, "Ten Things to do About Patent Holdup of Standards (and one not to)," 1 May 2007
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Fontana, Richard, Bradley M. Kuhn, Eben Moglen, Matthew Norwood, Daniel B. Ravicher, Karen Sandler and James Vasile "A Legal Issues Primer for Open Source and Free Software Projects," 3 March 2008
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Kuhn, Kai-Uwe and John Van Reenen, "Interoperability and Foreclosure in the European Microsoft Case," 18 September 2007
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Fogel, Karl, "Producing Open Source Software: How to Run a Successful Free Software Project," 2005
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Crane, Daniel A., "Patent Pools, RAND Commitments, and the Problematics of Price Discrimination," 10 April 2008
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Fromm, Jeffrey and Robert A. Skitol, "Update on the Antitrust Ghost in the Standard-Setting Machine," 1 September 2005
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West, Joel, "Software rights and Japan's shift to an information society," Asian Survey 35, 12, pp. 1118-1139, December 1995
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Delgado, Jamie and Isabel Gallego, "Standardisation of the Management of Intellectual Property Rights in Multimedia Content," 1 March 2002
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Schweik, Charles, Tom Evans and J. Morgan Grove, "Open Source and Open Content: a Framework for Global Collaboration in Social-Ecological Research," 25 March 2005
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Layne-Farrar, Anne, Damien Geradin and A. Jorge Padilla, "The Ex Ante Auction Model for the Control of Market Power in Standard Setting Organizations," 1 April 2007
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Jullien, Nicolas, "New Approaches to Intellectual Property: From Open Software to Knowledge Based Industrial Activities," 1 October 2005
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