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Gesmer Updegrove has represented more than 184 standards consortia and open source foundations, including:
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Updegrove, Andrew, "Standard Setting at NASA: An Interview with Paul Gill,", July 2005
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Georgescu, Mircea, "The Government in the Digital Age: Myths, Realities and Promises," 22 July 2008
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ISEAL Alliance, "Referencing International Standards in Government Procurement," 1 July 2006
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Agard, Bruno and Andrew Kusiak, "Standardization of Components, Products and Processeswith Data Mining," 1 August 2004
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"Battle of the blue lasers," The Economist
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Malakooty, Nina, "Ultra Wideband Technology and the Struggle to Adopt a Standard for the Consumer Electronics Industry," 1 September 2006
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Software Freedom Law Center, "FCC Rules on FOSS and Software-Defined Radio," 6 July 2007
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Pargal, Sheoli, "Do incompatible network standards lead to domestic benefits? The case of color television," Information Economics and Policy, Volume 8, Issue 3, Pages 205-227, September 1996
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Miori, Vittorio, Luca Tarrini, Maurizio Manca and Gabriele Tolomei, "An innovative, open-standards solution for Konnex interoperability with other domotic middlewares," 1 September 2005
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Ebeler, Jack C., Michelle Bruno and Ted Schmitt, "Opportunities for Coordination and Clarity to Advance the National Health Information AgendaA Brief Assessment of the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology," 1 September 2007
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Updegrove, Andrew, "View from the Trenches: an Interview with HL7's Charles Jaffe, M.D.," 1 February 2009
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Janiesch, Christian and Armin Stein, "Adapting Standards to Facilitate the Transition from Situational Model to Reference Model," 1 September 2007
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West, Joel, "Seeking Open Infrastructure: Contrasting Open Standards, Open Source and Open Innovation," 20 June 2007
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Lutz, Richard, "Migrating the HLA Object Model Template to an IEEE Standard," 1 March 2000
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Corbett, Charles J. and Suresh Muthulingam, "Adoption of Voluntary Environmental Standards: The Role of Signaling and Intrinsic Benefits in the Diffusion of the Leed Green Building Standards," 17 August 2007
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