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Gesmer Updegrove has represented more than 184 standards consortia and open source foundations, including:
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Krechmer, Ken, "Standards Mark the Course of Economic Progress," University of Colorado at Boulder, 4 August 2005
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Krechmer, Ken and Elaine J. Baskin, "The Entrepreneur and Standards," 14 December 2006
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Lebak, James, Jeremy Kepner, Henry Hoffmann and Edward Rutledge, "An Open Standard Software Library for High-Performance Parallel Signal Processing: the Parallel VSIPL++ Library," 15 April 2004
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Lee, Karen E., "Cooperative Standard-Setting: The Road to Compatibility or Deadlock? The NAFTA's Transformation of the Telecommunications Industry," 1 June 1996
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Lindsay, Steve, "Open Standards in the Corporate Market," 10 January 2004
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Lundell, Bjorn, "e-Governance in public sector ICT procurement: what is shaping practice in Sweden," 1 April 2011
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Marks, Roger B. and Robert Hebner, "Government Activity to Increase Benefits from the Global Standards System," 5 October 2001
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Marshall, Catherine and Frank Shipman, "Which Semantic Web?," 3 April 2007
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Martel, Charles, "Bring it on Home: A Gulf Coast Marshall Plan Based on International Humanitarian Standards," 1 October 2007
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Maskus, Keith E., "Should Core Labor Standards be Imposed Through International Trade Policy," 1 November 1999
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Maskus, Keith, Tsunehiro Otsuki and John Wilson, "The Costs of Complying with Foreign Product Standards for Firms in Developing Countries: An Econometric Study," 19 May 2004
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Mateva, Maria, "Multilingual access to cultural heritage content on the SemanticWeb," 30 May 2013
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Mattli, Walter and Tim Buthe, "Setting International Standards - Technological Rationality or Primacy of Power?," 1 October 2003
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Maxwell, Elliott, "Open Standards, Open Source, and Open Innovation: Harnessing the Benefits of Openness.," 2006, Committee for Economic Development
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McLean, Neil and Clifford Lynch, "Interoperability between Information and Learning Environments- Bridging the Gaps," 28 June 2003
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