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Gesmer Updegrove has represented more than 184 standards consortia and open source foundations, including:
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Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)


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Samuelson, Pamela, "Questioning Copyright in Standards," Social Science Research Network, January 0000
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Schweik, Charles, Tom Evans and J. Morgan Grove, "Open Source and Open Content: a Framework for Global Collaboration in Social-Ecological Research," 25 March 2005
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Strauss, Peter L., "Private Standards Organizations and Public Law," Social Science Research Network, 23 July 2013
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Tyrone, Berger, "Copyright in Standards: Open or Shut Case," 17 November 2011
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Tyrvainen, Pasi, "Concepts and a Design for Fair Use and Privacy in DRM," D-Lib Magazine, Volume 11, Number 2, February 2005
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Updegrove, Andrew, "Editorial: It's Time to Get on the Ex Ante Bus," 1 June 2006
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Valimaki, Mikko, "A Flexible Approach to RAND Licensing," 31 March 2008
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Varian, Hal R, "Copying and Copyright," School of Information Management and Systems (SIMS), University of California, Berkeley, 4 December 2004
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West, Joel, "Software rights and Japan's shift to an information society," Asian Survey 35, 12, pp. 1118-1139, December 1995
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Winn, Jane K. and Nicolas Jondet, "A 'New Deal' for End Users? Lessons from a French Innovation in the Regulation of Interoperability," 18 September 2009
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