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Gesmer Updegrove has represented more than 184 standards consortia and open source foundations, including:
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Malakooty, Nina, "Ultra Wideband Technology and the Struggle to Adopt a Standard for the Consumer Electronics Industry," 1 September 2006
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Martel, Charles, "Bring it on Home: A Gulf Coast Marshall Plan Based on International Humanitarian Standards," 1 October 2007
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Pellet-Lastra, Emilio Jose, "Using Connectivity to Build e-Government," 10 June 2003
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Perumalla, Kalyan, Richard Fujimoto, Thom McLean and George Riley, "Experiences Applying Parallel and Interoperable Network Simulation Techniques in On-line Simulations of Military Networks," 1 March 2002
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Simon, Kimberly, "The Value of Open Standards and Open-Source Software in Government Environments," 7 April 2005
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Struble, Susy, Jamie Love, Manon Ress, Robin Gross, Rishab Ghosh, Gwen Hinze and Seth Schoen "A Positive Role for Government Procurement in Promoting Open IT Standards, the Network Effect and the Information Society," 1 August 2006
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Tan, Zixiang (Alex), "Comparison of Wireless Standards-Setting --United States Versus Europe.," 1 September 2001
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Tarabanis, Konstantinos, "Study on Interoperability at Local and Regional Level," 20 April 2007
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Updegrove, Andrew, "A WORK IN PROGRESS: GOVERNMENT SUPPORT FOR STANDARD SETTING IN THE UNITED STATES: 1980 - 2004," The Consortium Standards Bulletin, Vol IV, No. 1, January 2005
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Updegrove, Andrew, "Behind the Curve: Addressing the Policy Dependencies of a 'Bottom Up' Standards Infrastructure," 2 December 2008
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Updegrove, Andrew, "Editorial: FOSS and Procurement Dispersing the Fog of Lobbying War," 1 October 2009
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Updegrove, Andrew, "Editorial: The U.K. Cabinet Office Solves the Open Standards Policy Conundrum," 30 November 2012
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