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Bekkers, Rudi and Isabelle Liotard, "European standards for mobile communications: the tense relationship between standards and intellectual property rights," January 1999
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Bekkers, Rudi and Joel West, "The Limits to IPR Standardization Policies as Evidenced by Strategic Patenting in UMTS," 1 February 2009
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Biddle, Brad, Frank X. Curci, Timothy F. Haslach, Gary E. Marchant, Andrew Askland and Lyn Gaudet, "THE EXPANDING ROLEAND IMPORTANCE OF STANDARDSIN THE INFORMATIONAND COMMUNICATIONSTECHNOLOGYINDUSTRY," December 2012
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Bryan, David A. and Bruce B. Lowekamp, "Standards-Based P2P Communications Systems," 1 September 2005
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Camp, Joseph D. and Edward W. Knightly, "The IEEE 802.11s Extended Service Set Mesh Networking Standard," 1 February 2007
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Carrier, Michael A., "A Roadmap to the Smartphone Patent Wars and FRAND Licensing," Social Science Research Network, 3 May 2012
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Caviggioli, Federico, Antonio de Marco, Francesco Rogo and Guiseppe Scellato, "Patenting Strategies and Characteristics of Declared Inventions in the Long Term Evolution Standard," Social Science Research Network, 26 August 2013
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Church, Jeffrey and Neil Gandal, "Platform Competition in Telecommunications," 2004, The Handbook of Telecommunications Vol. 2, ed. M. Cave, S. Majumdar, and I. Vogelsang
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Contreras, Jorge L., "Standards, Patents, and the National Smart Grid," Social Science Research Network, 26 September 2012
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Cook, William, "FRAND or foe," 1 June 2006
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Cowhey, Peter F., Jonathan D. Aronson and John E. Richards, "The Peculiar Evolution of 3G Wireless Networks: Institutional Logic, Politics, and Property Rights," January 0000
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Cramer, Evan, "The Future of Wireless Spam," 1 September 2002
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David, Paul A. and W. Edward Steinmueller, "Economics of compatibility standards and competition in telecommunication networks," Information Policy and Economics, Volume 6, Issues 3-4, pages 217-241, December 1994
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DeLacey, Brian, Kerry Herman, David Kiron, Josh Lerner and Wai-Shun Lo, "Government Intervention in Standardization: The Case of WAPI," 1 September 2006
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Delcamp, Henry and Aija Leiponen, "Innovating Standards Through Informal Consortia: The Case of Wireless Telecommunications," 1 September 2011
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