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Intellectual Property Rights (see also separate category of the same name)

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Lemley, Mark A. and Nathan Myhrvold, "How to Make a Patent Market," 1 August 2007
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Lemley, Mark, "A New Balance between IP and Antitrust," 1 April 2007
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Li, Xuan and Baisheng An, "IPR Misuse: The Core Issue in Standards and Patents," 1 June 2009
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Lim, Daryl, "Standard Essential Patents, Trolls and the Smartphone Wars: Triangulating the End Game," Social Science Research Network, 18 November 2014
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Lim, Daryl, "Innovation and Access: Legal Strategies at the Intellectual Property Rights and Competition Law Interface," Social Science Research Network, 31 December 2009
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Liu, Benjamin P., "Standards Capture: A Threat to Standard Setting Organizations?," 1 April 2008
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Long, David, "IEEE's controversial proposed Intellectual Property Rights (&quot;IPR&quot;) Policy amendments," 3 February 2015
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Maggiolino, Mariateresa, "Standardized Terms and Conditions for Open Patenting," Social Science Research Network, 1 December 2012
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Magic, Peter, "International Technology Transfer & Intellectual Property Rights," 30 November 2003
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Mair, Carl, "Openness, Intellectual Property and Standardization in the European ICT Sector," Social Science Research Network, 23 May 2012
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Marasco, Amy A, "Standards-Setting Practices: Competition, Innovation and Consumer Welfare," FTC/DOJ Hearings on Competition and Intellectual Property Law and Policy In the Knowledge-Based Economy-Standard Setting and Intellectual Property, 18 April 2002
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Mariniello, Mario, "Fair, Reasonable and Non-Discriminatory (FRAND) Terms: A Challenge for Competition Authorities," Social Science Research Network, 4 June 2011
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Maume, Philip, "Compulsory Licensing in Germany," 25 May 2013
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Merges, Robert P, "Who Owns the Charles River Bridge? Intellectual Property and Competition in the Software Industry," Boalt Working Papers in Public Law. Paper 64, 2 April 1999
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Miller, Joseph Scott, "Standard Setting, Patents, and Access Lock-In: Rand Licensing and the Theory of the Firm," Social Science Research Network, January 0000
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