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"China's acession to the World Trade Organization (WTO)," International Economics, January 2000
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IDABC, "European Interoperability Framework for Pan-European eGovernment Services," 2 January 2002
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Benoliel, Daniel, "Cyberspace Technological Standardization: An Institutional Theory Retrospective on the Generation Edge," Berkeley Program in Law & Economics, 18 November 2002
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Bolin, Sherrie, "Standardization as a Business Tool," 10 March 2005
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Dieter, Ernst, "Industrial Upgrading through Low-Cost and Fast Innovation - Taiwan's Experience," East-West Center, September 2013
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Ernst, Dieter, "America's Voluntary Standards System - A &quot;Best Practice&quot; Model for Innovation Policy?," 1 February 2012
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Etzion, Dror and Fabrizio Ferraro, "Institutional Entrepreneurship through Voluntary Standard Setting: The Case of the Global Reporting Initiative," 10 February 2007
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Garcia, D. Linda, "Standard setting in the United States: public and private sector roles," Micro, IEEE, Volume: 13, Issue: 6, pp. 28-35, ISSN: 0272-1732, December 1993
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Hitchcock, Laura and Norman Butler and Mort Pearson and Kevin O'Brien and Gregory Saunders and Janet Lawrence and [Additional Authors] , "The Future of Aerospace Standardization," January 2005
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Hoel, Tore and Paul Hollins, "Learning Technology Standards Adoption how to Improve Process and Product Legitimacy," 1 July 2008
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Kemp, Randall B., "Humanitarian Relief Standards as Information Policy," 5 June 2006
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Mossoff, Adam, "Commercializing Property Rights In Inventions: Lessons For Modern Patent Theory From Classic Patent Doctrine," Social Science Research Network, 16 June 2011
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Ping, Wang, "A Brief History of Standards and Standardization Organizations: A Chinese Perspective," East-West Center, April 2011
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Pistor, Katharina, "The Standardization of Law and Its Effect on Developing Economies," 1 June 2000
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