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Gesmer Updegrove has represented more than 184 standards consortia and open source foundations, including:
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"The fortune of the commons," The Economist
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, Jurgen Bitzer, Wolfram Schrettl and Philipp J.H. Schroder, "Intrinsic Motivation versus Signaling in OpenSource Software Development," 1 September 2006
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, Alexander Hars and Shaosong Ou, "Working for Free? - Motivations of Participating in Open Source Projects," 1 September 2001
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Microsoft Corporation, "Open Source Versus Open Standards: Contrasting Concepts and the 'Interop' Impact," 15 January 2003
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CENDI Copyright Working Group, "Frequently Asked Questions about Copyright and Computer Software: Issues Affecting the U.S. Government with Special Emphasis on Open Source Software," 1 November 2009
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Abdel Azim, R. Mohamed and H. Farouk Ali, "A Comparative Study for Open Document Formats," 24 August 2006
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Aziz, Hayder, James Gao, Paul Maropoulos and Wai M. Cheung, "Open Standard, Open Source and Peer to Peer Tools and Methods for Collaborative Product Development," 5 April 2005
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Benjamin, Donna, "ODF: Our Document Future," 19 May 2006
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Bessen, James, "Open Source Software: Free Provision of Complex Public Goods," 1 July 2005
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Bird, Graham B, "The Business Benefit of Standards," StandardView, 6(2), p 76, 2000
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Blatter, Marc and Andras Niedermayer, "Informational Hold-Up, Disclosure Policy, and Career Concerns on the Example of Open Source Software Development," 1 September 2008
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Bolin, Sherrie, "Open Source, Open Standards: Maximizing Utility While Managing Exposure," 14 September 2004
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Campbell-Kelly, Martin and Daniel D. Garcia-Swartz, "The Move to the Middle: Convergence of the Open-Source and Proprietary Software Industries," 27 May 2008
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Choi, K. and E. Jang, "Royalty-Free Video Coding Standards in MPEG [Standards in a Nutshell]," January 2014
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Dalle, Jean-Michel, Paul David, Rishab Aiyer Ghosh and Frank Wolak, "Free & Open Source Software Developers and the Economy of Regard: Participation and Code-Signing in the Modules of the Linux Kernel," 17 June 2004
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