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Ed-Fi Alliance

Overview: The Ed-Fi Alliance is a non-profit subsidiary that offers educators and administrators real-time, actionable education data on every student in their classroom, school, district, or state. Ed-Fi works to provide states and districts with the Ed-Fi solution, a standards-based data tool suite that integrates and organizes raw education data and information from a broad range of sources into Web-based dashboards, reports, and other applications. Available for free under license to districts, state education agencies, and vendors, the suite includes a unifying data model, a data exchange and application framework, and sample dashboard source code. Developed by Double Line Partners with funding from MSDF, the solution also makes it possible for school and district administrators, as well as state and federal agencies, to supplement or replace tools used for state or federal accountability reporting purposes.

Specifications: Available here.

IPR Policy: Available here.

Current Status: Active

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