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Gesmer Updegrove has represented more than 184 standards consortia and open source foundations, including:
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Open Source Software Institute (OSSI)

Overview: The Open-Source Software Institute (OSSI) is a resource and venue for the promotion, development and implementation of open-source software solutions between corporate, government and academic entities. The Consortium's activities include: identifying current utilization of open source software within federal, state, and academic institutions; identifying opportunities for transition of closed source applications to open source software solutions; determining how current applications of closed source programs would need to be modified to operate on an open source software foundation; quantifying the costs of transition to open source software systems; developing, reviewing and/or approving training programs to enable governmental and academic staffs to transition to open source programs; receiving and implementing input from information technology sources to maximize the cost and production efficiency of the open source software programs; and/or preparing formal reports to document findings and recommendations to governmental and academic institutions.

Specifications: Not Available

IPR Policy: Not Available

Current Status: Active

Last Updated: October 14, 2015

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