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Gesmer Updegrove has represented more than 184 standards consortia and open source foundations, including:
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Real Estate

Click on a consortium name to view a description of that consortium and to access links that will take you to its homepage, supported standards and (if available) its IPR policy.

Data Consortium
Developed electronic standards for exchanging information in the real estate industry *Transferred its intellectual property to the Open Standards Consortium for Real Estate (OSCRE)

Fairhair Alliance
Develops a common network infrastructure to serve as a basis for interoperable Lighting and Building Automation systems

Multifamily Information and Transactions Standards (MITS)
Develops multifamily housing industry data standards

Open Standards Consortium for Real Estate (OSCRE)
Promotes a real estate data standard

Real Estate Standards Institute (RESI)
Developed and promoted a comprehensive set of real estate standards of practice *Inactive

Real Estate Standards Organization (RESO)
Develops and promotes data standards and processes for real estate transactions, including the Real Estate Transaction Standard (RETS)

Smart Homes & Buildings Association (SH&BA)
Promotes smart products and services for people at home, in buildings and communities

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