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Standard Setting Organizations
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Click on a consortium name to view a description of that consortium and to access links that will take you to its homepage, supported standards and (if available) its IPR policy.


1394 High Performance Serial Bus Trade Association
Promotes adoption of the IEEE 1394 Serial Bus standard

Accellera Systems Initiative
Develops electronic design automation standards

Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation (AEF)
Develops resources concerning electronic and electrical systems in agricultural technology and farming

Airfule Alliance
Develops standards for wireless charging of mobiles devices

Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP)
Develops and promotes a wireless power standard for the charging of electrical devices *Merged with Power Matters Alliance (PMA) to form AirFuel

ANT+ Alliance
Develops mobile personal monitoring technology

Artifact-Centric Service Interoperation (ACSI)
Developed interoperation between electronic services *Completed 2013

Association Connecting Electronic Industries (IPC)
Promotes the electronic interconnect industry

Association of Edison Illuminating Companies (AEIC)
Develops and promotes solutions to problems of electric utilities

Automotive Electronics Council (AEC)
Develops and promotes common part-qualification and quality-system standards for the automotive industry

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Book Industry Study Group (BISG)
Develops and promotes standards, practices, research and events related to both print and digital publishing

Building Industry Consulting Service International (BICSI)
Maintains a professional association supporting the information transport systems (ITS) industry

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Cable Europe
Promotes digital TV, broadband internet and telephony collaborative services (Europe)

CBRS Alliance
Develops, markets and promotes LTE-based solutions utilizing the shared spectrum of the U.S. 3.5 GHz Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) band

CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA)
Provides data transfer from information systems to production floors

China Communications Standards Association (CCSA)
Develops and maintains standardization activities in the field of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) (China)

China Electronics Standardization Institute (CESI)
Develops scientific research to support standardization in the field of electronics and the IT industry (China)

Cognitive Networking Alliance (CogNeA)
Developed standards for home wireless multimedia networking and rural broadband internet access *Inactive

CompactFlash Association
Develops industry standards for flash-based memory cards targeting the professional imaging, video and industrial markets

Consortium of Digital Forensic Specialists (CDFS)
Develops and promotes technical standards for digital forensics

Consumer Electronics for Automotive (CE4A)
Promotes an active standardization of mobile device interfaces

Consumer Electronics Linux Forum (CELF)
Promoted the use of the Linux platform for consumer electronics *Merged with the Linux Foundation in 2010

Coral Consortium
Promoted interoperability between digital rights management (DRM) technologies in the consumer media market *Dissolved in 2012

Council for Harmonization of Electrotechnical Standardization of the Nations of the Americas (CANENA)
Promotes international electrotechnical standardization (Americas)

Council on Large Electric Systems (CIGRE)
Promotes improved electric power systems

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Data Interchange Standards Association (DISA)
Develops electronic business interchange standards

Demand Response and Smart Grid Coalition (DRSG)
Promotes the development of smart grid technologies to better manage electricity usage

Digital Interactive Interface for Video & Audio (DiiVA)
Promoted the global interactive consumer electronics and home networking standard *Inactive

Distributed-Power Open Standards Alliance (DOSA)
Develops standards and promotes product compatibility and standardization within the power converter market

DLMS User Association
Develops and maintains an identification system for electricity meter data exchange

Develops open source drone projects in order to create a common, shared open source platform for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)

DVD Rewritable Alliance (DVD+RW)
Developed and promoted a universal rewritable DVD format *Inactive

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EDI Forum for Companies with Interest in Computing and Electronics (EDIFICE)
Promotes standards and practices in e-business

Electronic Design Automation (EDA) Consortium
Promotes the Electronics Design Automation (EDA) Industry

Electronic Industries Alliances (EIA)
Promoted market and standards development and competitiveness in the U.S. high-tech industry (U.S.) *Dissolved in 2010 and transferred standards maintenance to the Electric Components Association (ECA)

Embedded Vision Alliance (EVA)
Promotes embedded vision technology usage by embedded system designers

European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization (CENELEC)
Develops and promotes electro-technical standards for the European market (Europe)

European Machine Vision Association (EMVA)
Promotes the development of standards for the machine vision industry (Europe)

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FlexTech Alliance
Promotes the growth of the electronic display and flexible, printed electronics supply chain

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Government Electronics & Information Technology Association (GEIA)
Promoted the interests of the U.S. electronics, communications and information technology industries (U.S.) *Merged with AeA, CSIA, and ITAA in 2009 to form TechAmerica

Grid-Interop Forum
Develops and promotes the creation of a more efficient, reliable, and resilient electric system (U.S.)

Gridwise Architecture Council (GWAC)
Promotes interoperability between electric system components (U.S.)

Develops and promotes standards-based, global supply-chain solutions (U.S.)

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HDbaseT Alliance
Develops and promotes a single LAN cable to replace multiple cables and connectors in the home entertainment environment

HDMI Forum
Develops and promotes the HDMI Specification and related Compliance Test Specification

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IEEE Computer Society (IEEECS)
Provides technical information and services to computing professionals

IEEE Industry Standards and Technology Organization (ISTO)
Promotes and provides support services in connection with the development and adoption of technology standards by other technology industry consortia

InfoComm International
Promotes the professional audiovisual and information communications industries

Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers (IEEE)
Develops, maintains, and promotes technology standards in multiple industries

Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology (IEST)
Promotes contamination control in electronics manufacturing and pharmaceutical processes

Integration of Processes in Prepress, Press, and Postpress Organization (CIP4)
Develops standards for, and promotes the adoption of, process automation in the printing industry

International Electronics Manufacturing Initiative (INEMI)
Promotes the global electronics manufacturing industry and develops related roadmaps and guidance

International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC)
Develops and promotes international standards for all electrical, electronic and related technologies

International MHEG Promotion Alliance (IMPALA)
Promotes public standard hybrid interactive TV middleware

IPC-2581 Consortium
Promotes adoption of the IPC-2581, a design data transfer language

iVDR Consortium
Develops and promotes a removable hard drive disk compatible with a broad range of electronic devices (Asia)

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Japan Industrial Imaging Association (JIIA)
Develops and promotes technological innovation of industrial imaging (Japan)

JEDEC Solid State Technology Association
Develops standards for the microelectronics industry

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Laser Illuminated Projector Alliance (LIPA)
Develops and promotes laser-based projection techniques

Local Interconnect Network Consortium (LIN)
Developed and promoted the Local Interconnect Network (LIN) Specification, a serial communication system for distributed electronic systems in vehicles *Inactive

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Medical Device Innovation Consortium (MDIC)
Develops and promotes medical device regulatory science

Medical Device Innovation, Safety and Security Consortium (MDISS)
Promotes computer risk management practices for availability of innovative and safe medical devices

Mobile Acquisition Transparency Alliance (MATA)
Developed and promoted an open standard for mobile marketers and ad providers for their user acquisition campaigns *Inactive

Mobile PC Extended Battery Life (EBL) Working Group
Develops extended battery life in mobile PC platforms

Develops benchmarking services for smartphones and tablets

Mopria Alliance
Develops and promotes standards for mobile printing

Multiband OFDM Alliance (MBOA)
Developed specifications based on ultrawideband-based technology *Merged with WiMedia Alliance in 2005

Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA)
Promotes distribution of digital video and entertainment through existing coaxial cable in the home

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National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA)
Promotes and develops standards for the electrical industry

NVM Express
Maintains a scalable host controller interface to provide access to storage devices

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Open Charge Alliance (OCA)
Promotes and provides a forum for the development of the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP), a standard for uniform communications between Electric Vehicle (EV) charge points and the central management system

Open Dots Alliance
Promotes the Open Dots specification for wire-free power technology for consumer electronics devices

Open IPTV Forum
Develops standards for end-end IPTV services

Open NAND Flash Interface (ONFi)
Promotes and develops NAND Flash integration into consumer electronic products

Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF)
Develops and promotes the adoption of interoperability specifications for network video in the security market

Promotes the compatibility and interoperability of Natural Interaction (NI) devices, applications and middleware

Oregon Nanoscience and Microtechnologies Institute (ONAMI)
Develops and promotes research in nano- and micro-scale science and engineering

Develops, maintains, and promotes open standards for the automotive industry

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PC104 Consortium
Develops, maintains, promotes, and distributes specifications supporting the PC/104 form factor

PDES, Inc.
Develops and promotes modeling data exchange standards

Petroleum Industry Data Exchange (PIDX) International
Promotes standards related to the oil and gas industry

Portable Computer and Communications Association (PCCA)
Promotes the mobile computing industry

Power Management Bus Implementers Forum (PMBus-IF)
Promotes PM bus technology, an open-standard digital power management protocol that facilitates communication with a power converter or other device by defining the required transport, physical interface, and command language
Develops and promotes Power Architecture technology

Printer Working Group (PWG)
Promotes interoperability of printers with supporting systems and applications

PROFIBUS and PROFINET International (PI)
Maintains PROFIBUS and PROFINET enabling technologies in automation

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RVU Alliance
Develops specifications for RVU technology including a full-featured pixel accurate Remote User Interface (RUI)

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Semiconductor 3D Equipment and Materials Consortium (EMC-3D)
Developed a cost-effective TSV (thru-silicon-via) for 3D chip stacking and MEMS integration *Inactive

Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI)
Promotes the global semiconductor equipment, materials, and flat panel display industries

Sensor Network Consortium (SNC)
Promotes sensor network industry growth by fostering research in sensor networks and facilitating interaction between academia and industry

Server System Infrastructure Forum (SSI)
Develops server infrastructure standards

Silicon Integration Initiative (Si2)
Develops and promotes the adoption of standards to improve the way integrated circuits are designed and manufactured, in order to speed time-to-market and meet the challenges of sub-micron design

Small Form Factor Special Interest Group (SFF-SIG)
Develops, promotes, and maintains embedded computer standards for form factors and computer buses

Smart Battery System Implementers Forum (SBS-IF)
Develops, promotes and supports open standards for smart battery systems

Smart TV Alliance
Develops and promotes a platform to create interactive content on consumers' TV screens

SOI Industry Consortium
Promotes silicon-on insulator (SOI) technology innovation into broad markets

Standard Panels Working Group (SPWG)
Develops TFT LCD mechanical and electrical standards

Storage Products Association (SPA)
Promotes the role of hard disk drive (HDD) storage and technologies

SunSpec Alliance
Promotes technology innovation and growth in the solar photovoltaic and renewable energy industry through defining and promoting the adoption of open data standards

System Management Interface Forum (SMIF)
Promotes and supports the development of specifications relating to power management and systems technology implementations

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Universal Home API Forum (UHAPI)
Promoted the Universal Home API specification *Inactive

Universal Plug and Play Forum (UpnP)
Promotes easily implemented home and business networks *Merged with Open Interconnect Consortium

Universal Transportable Memory Association (UTMA)
Promoted the growth and adoption of flash memory cards *Inactive

UPVI Alliance
Develops and promotes a common specification for photovoltaic (PV) modules related to solar energy

UV LED Curing Association
Promotes improvements in UV LED curing applications and develops related guidelines to accelerate adoption

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Virtual Reality Industry Forum
Promotes high-quality audiovisual vrtual reality standards

VirtualLink Consortium
Develops connectivity standards for virtual reality headsets

Visible Light Communications Consortium (VLCC)
Develops and promotes standardizing LED communication systems

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Wholesale Applications Community (WAC)
Promoted mobile software open platforms for application interoperability *Dissolved and integrated programs and initiatives into the GSM Association (GSMA) in 2012

Wireless Speaker & Audio (WiSA)
Promotes the adoption of WiSA-enabled compliant products by fostering interoperability compliance testing between CE devices and high-performance wireless speakers

WirelessHD Consortium
Develops, maintains, and promotes the WirelessHD Standard for wireless high-definition transmissions

World DAB Forum
Promotes DAB Digital Radio

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Xccela Consortium
Promotes the Xccela Bus as an open-standard digital interconnect and data communications bus

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Zhaga Consortium
Develops and promotes LED light engine products and interchangeability

ZigBee Alliance
Develops and promotes the ZigBee certification

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