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Gesmer Updegrove has represented more than 184 standards consortia and open source foundations, including:
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Standard Setting Organizations
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Business Models and Collaboration

Most consortia promote standards as well as set them, while others are formed purely to promote a standard(s) or to educate users or technical staff about a standard(s). Still others seek to coordinate the efforts of consortia and SDOs, or to promote new business models (e.g., web services). Click on an organization's name to view a description of that organization and to access links that will take you to its homepage and any standards that it promotes.


3G Americas
Supported five major wireless technologies and their 3G migration (North America/South America) *Now 4G Americas

Active Archive Alliance
Promotes active archives for simplified online access to all archived data

Ads Integrity Alliance
Developed and promoted best practices for defining and policing of bad ads *Inactive

Develops and promotes standardization, certification, industry press, and training (France)

American Council for Technology (ACT) - Industry Advisory Council (IAC)
Promotes information resources management products and services to the government (U.S.)

American National Standards Institute (ANSI)
Maintains, supports, and oversees the U.S. voluntary standards infrastructure and is the U.S. representative to the ISO (U.S.)

Apdex Alliance
Develops and promotes the Apdex, an application performance metric

Application Service Provider Industry Consortium, Inc. (ASPIC)
Promoted and supported the application service provider industry *Merged with CompTIA in 2001

Association for Enterprise Integration (AFEI)
Promotes enterprise integration across industries and governments

Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM)
Develops enterprise content standards

Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) Forum
Promoted the Asynchronous Transfer Mode and other broadband technologies *Now the Broadband Forum

Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG)
Promotes the automotive industry

Automotive Multimedia Interface Collaboration (AMIC)
Developed hardware and software interface standards for automotive information, communications and entertainment systems *Inactive

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Promoted information sharing within the life sciences community based upon open source principles *Inactive

BioPhorum Operations Group (BPOG)
Promotes cross-company relationships between leaders of the biopharma industry

Develops and promotes electronic financial services and e-commerce for financial institutions and their customers

BSI Group
Develops and promotes standards for business improvement and global trade

Business Performance Innovation (BPI) Network
Promotes business performance management (BPM) solutions

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Cancer Genomics Consortium (CGC)
Promotes communication and collaboration in the cancer genetics research community *Formerly the Cancer Cytogenomics Microarray Consortium (CCMC)

Car Connectivity Consortium
Develops and promotes open and common MirrorLink standards and smartphone solutions for the automotive industry

Care Connectivity Consortium
Develops a single stream of electronic health records (U.S.)

Develops and promotes a standards-based machine readable model to facilitate vocabulary interoperability in the health science industry

Chemical Industry Data Exchange (CIDX)
Promoted Chem eStandards and advocated for the chemical industry *Merged with the Open Application Group, Inc (OAGi) and the American Council's Chemical Information Technology Center (Chem ITC) in 2008

Clinical Genome Resource
Promotes the advancement of clinical cytogenetics and molecular genetics laboratories

CloudAudit (A6)
Promoted a common interface and namespace that allowed cloud computing providers to automate applications *Merged with the Cloud Security Alliance in 2010

Code Aurora
Supports the mobile wireless industry through development of tested code needed to bring open source-based products to market

ComCARE Emergency Response Alliance
Promotes lifesaving wireless communication networks and technologies *Now part of the Open Geospatial Consortium

Develops and promotes new eCommerce technologies and business practices

Communications Alliance LTD
Promotes converging networks, technologies and services (Australia)

Consortia Advancing Standards in Research Administration Information (CASRAI)
Maintains and promotes interoperability of research information

Consortium for SEP Interoperability (CSEP)
Develops standards for home energy management via wired and wireless devices

Consortium Of Anti-Spyware Technology Vendors (COAST)
Promoted anti-spyware standards *Dissolved in 2005

COoperation Platform for Research And Standards (COPRAS)
Seeks to develop and improve the interface between research and standards by European Standards Organizations (Europe)

Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA)
Promotes the advancement of customer experience management practices

Cyber Threat Alliance (CTA)
Promotes sharing threat intelligence between cybersecurity solution providers

Cybersecurity Credentials Collaborative (C3)
Develops and promotes vendor-neutral credentials in information security, privacy, and related IT disciplines

Cytel Dose-Finding Consortium
Developed modeling and simulation software technology for the design and implementation of dose-finding studies *Inactive

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Debit Network Alliance (DNA)
Develops a common debit chip solution for debit payments (U.S.)

Digital Video Broadcasting Project (DVB)
Develops and maintains standards for the digital television and data services industry

Distributed Management Task Force, Inc. (DMTF)
Develops, maintains, and promotes standards for systems management in enterprise IT environments

Develops open source drone projects in order to create a common, shared open source platform for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)

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EAN.UCC System
Developed supply chain standards and numbering systems *Now GS1

EHR / HIE Interoperability Workgroup
Develops and promotes the adoption of EHR and HIE services

Electrification Leadership Council
Develops and promotes a comprehensive national model for electric vehicle (EV) deployment

Electronic Industries Alliances (EIA)
Promoted market and standards development and competitiveness in the U.S. high-tech industry (U.S.) *Dissolved in 2010 and transferred standards maintenance to the Electric Components Association (ECA)

Emergency Interoperability Consortium (EIC)
Promoted exchange protocols and web services for information sharing for emergency response *Inactive

Enhanced Business Reporting Consortium (EBRC)
Develops Enhanced Business Reporting guidelines and definitions

eNsemble Multi-Core Alliance
Developed and promoted high-performance networking equipment using multi-core processors

Enterprise Computer Telephony Forum (ECTF)
Promoted interoperability in the computer telephony industry *Inactive

European Forum for Energy Business Information Exchange (ebIX)
Develops standards for the energy industry (Europe)

European Union Smart Grid Coordination Group
Developed standards and architecture for implementing Mandate M/490 on smart grid standardization (Europe) *Inactive

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FAIR Institute
Promotes standards and best practices to help organizations measure, manage and report on information risk from a business perspective using the FAIR model

Financial Information eXchange Protocol (FIX)
Develops an open protocol for real-time communication between participants in the Equity markets

Financial Services Technology Consortium (FSTC)
Promoted open-standard technologies in the financial services industry *Merged with Financial Services Roundtable in 2009

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Gelato Federation
Developed computing solutions for Itanium Linux platform *Inactive since 2009

Gene Ontology (GO) Project
Develops and promotes gene and gene product attributes across species and databases

Global Alliance for Genomics and Health
Promotes the sharing of genomic and clinical data

Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI)
Promotes technologies for sustainable development through a global partnership of ICT companies

Global Standards Collaboration
Promotes innovation and collaboration on a broad spectrum of standards topics

Green Grid
Develops standards to measure data center efficiency

Greenhouse Gas Protocol
Develops and promotes the tools to quantify and manage greenhouse gas emissions

Develops and promotes standards-based, global supply-chain solutions (U.S.)

GS1 US Apparel and General Merchandise Initiative
Promotes improving business processes and supply chain visibility

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Healthcare Delivery Innovation Alliance (HDIA)
Developed and promoted healthcare delivery system standards *Inactive

High Performance Network Forum (HNF)
Developed and promoted High Performance Parallel Interface (HIPPI) networking *Inactive

Hotel to Hospitality
Develops and promotes partnership among hoteliers and technology providers

Supports the building of Internet of Things apps that work across many servers (United Kingdom)

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Identity Ecosystem Steering Group (IDESG)
Develops and administers the process for policy and technical standards development for the Identity Ecosystem Framework

InCommon Federation
Develops a framework for trustworthy shared management of access to on-line resources in support of education and research (U.S.)

Initiative for Open Authentication (OATH)
Develops an open reference architecture for the universal adoption of strong authentication practices

Innovation Value Institute (IVI)
Promotes a global standard to realize the business value of IT investments

Integration Consortium
Promoted and educated the industry regarding integration solutions within and between organizations using Internet-standard protocols and formats *Disbanded in 2009

Interconnect Modeling Technical Advisory Board (IMTAB)
Promotes the development of the ITF format as an interoperable interconnect parasitic modeling format

International Association of Managed Service Providers (MSPAlliance)
Promotes the Managed Services industry

International Carbon Reduction and Offset Alliance (ICROA)
Promotes carbon reduction and offset provider organizations

International Internet Preservation Consortium (IIPC)
Promotes the archiving of knowledge and information from the Internet for future generations everywhere

International OpenGen Alliance (OGA)
Develops genealogy standards for data frameworks, exchange and sharing

International Security Trust & Privacy Alliance (ISTPA)
Promoted protection of personal information *Inactive

Internet 2
Develops Internet network applications and technologies (U.S.)

Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)
Develops and promotes IP address space allocation, protocol parameter assignment, domain name system management, and root server system management functions

Internet Media Device Alliance (IMDA)
Developed and promoted a set of open, interoperable standards and device profiles in internet-connected media devices

Itanium Solutions Alliance
Developed and promoted the adoption of Itanium-based solutions

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Jericho Forum
Promoted the secure flow of business data over the Internet *Dissolved and transferred operations to the Open Group's Security Forum in 2013

Joint Development Foundation
Promotes collaboration regarding development of technical standards and specifications by providing corporate and legal infrastructure

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Laser Illuminated Projector Alliance (LIPA)
Develops and promotes laser-based projection techniques

Learning, Education, and Training Systems Interoperability (LETSI)
Develops and promotes the secure exchange of data among current and future systems, website, and mobile apps

Liberty Alliance Project
Developed and maintained single sign-on identities *Dissolved and transferred operations and materials to the Kantara Initiative in 2009

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Mass Technology Leadership Council (MassTCL)
Promotes the fostering of entrepreneurship and the success of companies that develop and deploy technology across industry sectors

Develops and promotes technology standards for the health professions

Messaging Anti-Abuse Working Group (MAAWG)
Promotes ongoing and emerging messaging abuse issues in the messaging industry

MIDI Manufacturers Association
Develops and promotes digital interface standards for the music industry

Mobile Acquisition Transparency Alliance (MATA)
Developed and promoted an open standard for mobile marketers and ad providers for their user acquisition campaigns *Inactive

Mobile Enterprise Alliance (MEA)
Promoted mobile enterprise *Dissolved in 2007

Mobile PC Extended Battery Life (EBL) Working Group
Develops extended battery life in mobile PC platforms

Mopria Alliance
Develops and promotes standards for mobile printing

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National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC)
Promotes the interests of state public service commissions who regulate the utilities that provide essential services (U.S.)

National Industrial Information Infrastructure Protocols (NIIIP) Consortium
Developed standards for multi-vendor government contract fulfillment and other purposes *Inactive (U.S.)

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Open Buying on the Internet Consortium (OBI)
Developed technical and business standards enabling purchasing via the Internet *Inactive

Open Content Alliance
Develops and maintains a permanent library of multilingual digitized text and multimedia material

Open Data Center Alliance
Promotes the definition and standardization of requirements for next generation long term data centers and cloud infrastructure

Open Group
Develops and promotes standards to increase business efficiency through information technology and interoperability, and operates certification programs standards and software, including the UNIX system

Open Platform for NFV (OPNFV)
Promotes the development of Network Fuctions Virtualization (NFV)

Open Source And Industry Alliance (OSAIA)
Promoted and advocated for the interests of the open source community *Inactive

Open Travel Alliance (OTA)
Develops business and systems specifications for the travel industry

Open Virtualization Alliance (OVA)
Promotes awareness and understanding of Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM)

Open Visual Communications Consortium (OVCC)
Develops and promotes user video-capable communications with interconnected service providers

OpenADR Alliance
Promotes OpenADR standards throughout the energy industry

OpenSPL Consortium
Promotes the use of OpenSPL, an open programming language for spatial computing

Develops and maintains a registry of unique researcher identifiers linked to researcher activities and output

Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)
Promotes intergovernmental communication regarding economics

Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS)
Promotes and develops standards based on XML, SGML, HTML and related structured information processing technologies

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Payments Processing Information Sharing Council (PPISC)
Promotes information sharing about fraud, threats, vulnerabilities and risk mitigation in the payments industry

Personal Connected Health Alliance
Promotes plug-and-play personal health technologies

Personalization Consortium, Inc. (PCI)
Promoted best practices relating to the use of Personal Information on the Internet *Inactive

Petrotechnical Open Standards Consortium, Inc. (POSC)
Developed specifications for information modeling, information management, and data and application integration for the E&P industries *Now Energistics
Develops and promotes Power Architecture technology

Project Haystack
Develops methods to streamline working with data from the Internet of Things

Project Managment Insitute (PMI)
Promotes advancing the project management profession

PSLX Consortium
Develops APS (Advanced Planning and Scheduling) standards for collaborative manufacturing

Public Health Data Standards Consortium (PHDSC)
Develops and promotes health information technology standards to empower healthcare and public health communities and improve individual and community health (U.S.)

Public-Key Infrastructure (PKI) Forum
Promoted public key infrastructure (PKI) and PKI-based products and services *Inactive

Develops standards and best practices for EPUB and the Open Web Platform

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QuEST Forum
Develops and promotes operational and supply chain quality and performance

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Research Data Alliance
Promotes the open sharing of data across technologies, disciplines, and countries

RF Energy Alliance
Promotes the development of standard specifications for solid-state RF energy

Develops and promotes open e-business process standards and services for supply chain partners

Russian Association for Networks and Services (RANS)
Promotes and coordinates the efforts of industry constituents in proposing technical and legal frameworks for developing ICT infrastructure and providing confidence & security in the use of ICT (Russia)

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Satellite Interference Reduction Group (SIRG)
Develops and promotes practical improvements in the satellite reception industry intended to reduce satellite interference and loss

Develops advanced semiconductor manufacturing technologies (U.S.)

Sensor Network Consortium (SNC)
Promotes sensor network industry growth by fostering research in sensor networks and facilitating interaction between academia and industry

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Consortium
Promoted the adoption of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) *Inactive

Simulation Interoperability Standards Organization (SISO)
Promotes interoperability and component reuse in government and private sector applications

Software Productivity Consortium
Developed tools and processes to increase software quality *Now Systems and Software Consortium, Inc. (SSCI)

Standards and Interoperability for eInfrastructure Implementation Initiative Consortium (SIENA)
Promotes cloud standards, guidance and technology

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Telecommunications Information Networking Architecture Consortium (TINA-C)
Developed a common software architecture for telecommunications *Dissolved in 2000

The Open Group Exploration, Mining, Metals & Minerals (EMMM) Forum
Develops and promotes an enterprise architecture standard for mining and other extractive industries

The Open Group Healthcare Forum
Develops and promotes a standard for the development of a reference architecture for healthcare companies

Third Generation Partnership Project No. 2 (3GPP2)
Develops global specifications for the evolution of the ANSI/TIA/EIA-41 Cellular Radiotelecommunication Intersystem Operations network to 3G

Develops trust benchmark circuits, tools and hardware platforms

Trusted Cloud Initiative (TCI)
Promoted education, research and certification of Secure and Interoperable Identity in the Cloud *Now the Enterprise Architecture Working Group

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Unified Communications Interoperability Forum
Develops and promotes interoperability of open standards-based unified communications hardware and software *Merged with IMTC in 2014

Uniform Code Council, Inc. (UCC)
Developed and promoted multi-industry standards, B2B supply chain solutions, and administered the Universal Product Code (U.S.) *Merged with GS1 US

United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business (UN/CEFACT)
Promotes and facilitates international transactions through the simplification and harmonization of procedures and information flows

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VFEA International Trade Association (VITA)
Develops and promotes real-time, modular embedded computing systems

Voluntary Carbon Standard
Promotes standardization, transparency and credibility to the voluntary carbon market

VSI Alliance (VSIA)
Developed standards and business processes for System-on-Chip (SoC) development *Dissolved in 2008

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Web Quality of Experience Workgroup (WebQoE)
Developed and promoted standards for improved online customer experience *Inactive

Web Services Interoperability Organization (WS-I)
Promoted Web services interoperability across platforms, operating systems and programming languages *Merged with OASIS

Wi-Fi Alliance
Promotes and certifies wireless products

Wireless IoT Forum
Promotes consensus between competing IoT standards and the establishment of requirements and priorities for standards bodies where there is a lack of IoT standards

WirelessHD Consortium
Develops, maintains, and promotes the WirelessHD Standard for wireless high-definition transmissions

Worldwide Consortium for the Grid (W2COG)
Promoted networking technology to support Network Centric Operations (NCO) *Inactive

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Zero Energy Commercial Buildings Consortium (CBC)
Develops and promotes zero energy performance in new and existing commercial buildings (U.S.)

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