PDF: Six Lives and Counting

The “Green Revolution” of the last century promised a way to end hunger even as global populations continued to increase. Today, that promise seems less convincing, providing a cautionary tale about the ability of technology to obviate the need for more painful measures.

H.R. 5116: It’s Time to Close the “Standards Sophistication Gap”

Leveling the international playing field is an important function of government. When it comes to standards-related trade issues, winning on that field requires government help as well. H.R. 5116 can provide a first step in forging the kind of public-private partnership in standards matters that can keep America competitive.

Enabling a New Age of Collaboration

The Internet and the Web provide the technical tools to enable an unprecedented wave of global collaboration. What we need now are governance and legal tools equal to the opportunities at hand.

PDF: Tagging the Noosphere

The Internet and the Web get most of the glory, but without an ever-growing cast of supporting standards, they would be a far poorer place to explore. One of the most fundamental of those unsung standards is XML.

PDF: Technology’s Reach and Security’s Grasp

Technology becomes more seductive every day, but we are quicker to embrace its benefits than to protect ourselves from the less desirable consequences that can often follow. The results have included pollution, global warming, and now vulnerability to cyberattacks. The Obama administration’s pledge to decisively address cybersecurity provides an opportunity to close the gap between our technological reach, and our grasp of the need for greater security in our brave, new virtual world.

PDF: Energy Conservation from Zero to Sixty

The Smart Grid is on the way, and its grand vision includes linking the homes of America into a vast interactive network that will be self-leveling, self-aware, and self-healing. The technology can take us a long way towards that goal, but consumers will need to come on board as well. Will they?