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Thursday, June 29 2017 @ 11:06 AM CDT

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IBM, Sun (and OpenOffice!) Say "No Way" to VNUnet OpenOffice.org Control Story

OpenDocument and OOXMLAn article in Vnunet.com seems to say that there's a rift between Sun and IBM at OpenOffice.org, and that Sun is fighting to hang on to the OpenOffice.org code. I asked Bob Sutor and Simon Phipps, and they both say, "no way."
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Welcoming Louis Gutierrez

OpenDocument and OOXMLLouis Gutierrez took over Peter Quinn's old job as Massachusetts State CIO yesterday. He also got a major vote of confidence from Computerworld Editor-in-Chief Don Tennant.
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The Other Side of the ODF Coin: an interview with Mass. Supervisor of Records Alan Cote

OpenDocument and OOXMLOne of the most vocal opponents of the Massachusetts ODF policy has been Supervisor of Records Alan N. Cote. Last week, Alan suggested that we have a chat, and here's what he had to say.
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Upgrading the Internet - a Sobering Assessment

Semantic & NextGen WebA report by a U.S. Department of Commerce Task Force concludes that transitioning the Internet from IPv4 to IPv6 will be much like all too many other IT upgrades âₓ long, tedious, expensive, doubtful in their ultimate benefits âₓ and ultimately unavoidable.
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Mitt Calls the ODF Coin Toss Right

OpenDocument and OOXMLMitt Romney is betting that supporting ODF will prove to be a smart political move, as he grooms himself for a run for the presidency. It looks like that bet is paying off.
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Romney Appoints New CIO, Emphasizes Commitment to ODF

OpenDocument and OOXMLIn an important new development, the administration of Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney has not only appointed a permanent replacement to State CIO Peter Quinn, but also dedicated the press release announcing that appointment to reconfirming its steadfast commitment to the implementation of the OASIS OpenDocument Format.
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State Lobbying in the Age of Abramoff

OpenDocument and OOXMLIt has been interesting observing how lobbying works at the state level as the ODF situation has developed here in Massachusetts. The types of antics engaged in by those who log in their expense vouchers on K Street normally seem far away from most state capitals, but I expect that's because the level of scrutiny is much lower in the provinces than inside the Beltway.
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The State of Play on ODF in Massachusetts: Milestones, Due Dates and Status

OpenDocument and OOXMLI've been gathering information from a variety of knowledgeable sources on the critical issues and milestones affecting the continuing implementation by the Massachusetts Information Technology Division (ITD) of its OpenDocument Format (ODF) policy. Here are those milestones that I'll be watching for, the state of play of each on as I understand it, and the approximate date to look for an announcement on each
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ODF Update - The Week begins with both a Bang and a Whimper

OpenDocument and OOXMLThings were pretty quiet last week on the OpenDocument Format front last week, but this week began with a bang. Here's an update on the latest news.
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Sleeping with Big Agnes

Not Here but There: A Wilderness Journal

Winter nights in the desert are spectacular, but cold. To get a good night's sleep, you need Big Agnes.

One of the great joys of hiking in the desert is sleeping under the brilliant, ever-present stars and the even more prominent planets, accompanied by gentle breezes, the smells of the desert, and often, the serenade of coyotes. In the crystalline air far from the light of cities, the dazzle of the stars and planets is unparalleled, and the experience one to savor.

There are other sights and sounds as well, especially when camping near an air force bases (which is likely to be the case, given how many are spread around the Southwest, and the fact that the word "near," in this context, can mean pretty far away). Last night four jets streaked and wheeled overhead while I looked up at the sky, two almost wingtip to wingtip, and the second pair much farther apart, and farther ahead. Each had strobe lights that flashed in a manic syncopation reminiscent of a 1970's disco. Others flew silently at supersonic speeds at extreme altitude, seeming to travel more swiftly than could be possible.