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Friday, October 09 2015 @ 01:45 AM CDT

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Real Time Report: ODF/XML Open Forum at the Mass. State House

OpenDocument and OOXMLI'm currently at the Open Forum at the Mass. State House, and will report in real-time as the meeting proceeds
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Meanwhile, in a Parallel Universe...

WirelessThere's another standards war story that's been running in the news over the past few days that has an eerie sense of familiarity. It goes like this: Two camps can't agree on a standard that is being developed within an existing, well-respected standards body. Eventually one camp takes its effort to Ecma International for approval and fast tracking to an international standard in order to outflank the first standards organization, and to thwart the success of the other camp. Now where have I heard something like that before?
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Microsoft Posts XML Reference Schema FAQ (and Thumbs Nose at ODF and Sun)

OpenDocument and OOXMLMicrosoft has posted a Q&A that is mostly reassuring, and partly flagrant FUD
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Linda Hamel's Challenge to a Transfer of IT Power in Massachusetts

OpenDocument and OOXMLI've just read Massachusetts ITD General Counsel's challenge to the Senate amendment that would transfer control of the Commonwealth's IT structure to a political task force. The abiding question it raises is this: Why would any sane person want to do this?
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Quinn Cleared in Travel Investigation (But Will the Globe be Cleared?)

OpenDocument and OOXMLIt's no surprise that Peter Quinn has been cleared in the investigation over his travel records. But the story won't be over until the Globe tells its readers why it took it upon itself to instigate this fruitless investigation to begin with.
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Ecma Does What it is Told to Do

OpenDocument and OOXMLEverything is going as planned (by Microsoft)in Ecma, as the XML Reference Schema Working Group is approved, with only one vote against, and one abstention.
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ODF/XML Notes and Reports from All Over (Installment V)

OpenDocument and OOXMLThe action continues thick and fast, including a letter of protest from the Computer and Communications Industry Association to Ecma.
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Terms of Microsoft's Ecma Submission

OpenDocument and OOXMLI've received a copy of the charter for the proposed Ecma working group that would "standardize" the Microsoft XML Reference Schema. "Rubberstamp" is the better word, if Ecma's members vote to proceed.
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Team ODF: Back on Offense (Did he Mention Massachusetts?)

OpenDocument and OOXMLTeam ODF made a big play today, with Big Blue carrying the ball deep back into Microsoft territory.
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Two Weeks Since Tunis: What Now with WSIS?

WSIS/Internet Governance

Two weeks ago, the U.S. pulled off an Internet governance coup in Tunisia. Today, ICANN's Board of Directors is meeting in Vancouver, British Columbia. In between, among other things, ICANN was hit with three new law suits relating to how it does its job. If it's not one thing, it's another.

It's been just over two weeks since the World Summit for the Information Society folded up its tents (literally) in Tunis. I've been following the WSIS process for two years, and cumulating blog entries and news items for the last six months here. I also dedicated this November's issue of the Consortium Standards Bulletin to the "compromise" that left the root zone of the Internet to the management of the U.S., and created a new Internet Governance Forum to accommodate the desires of the rest of the world to participate in decision making regarding the future use and impact of the Internet.

Now that everyone is back home, how is it going? Here are a few notes and reports from all over that give a sense of what's been happening.