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Saturday, June 24 2017 @ 02:01 AM CDT

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Understanding the Novell Deal (and when we'll learn more)
Authored by: Andy Updegrove on Wednesday, November 24 2010 @ 03:35 PM CST

Thanks for reminding me of the specific facts on the Elliott Associates tie in.  I expect that the economic reality will be the same: presumably Elliott Associates will take the money that it receives for its Novell shares and pay them back to Attachmate in exchange for Attachment shares, which now or in the future will be salable, while shares in New Novell will not (except to Attachmate itself).  I'll correct this text.


The reference to SCO and patents was kind of a throwaway (i.e., who knows what SCO might claim next).  Perhaps more misleading than helpful, and maybe I should delete it.


  -  Andy

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MS' (CPTN's) business model
Authored by: Winter on Wednesday, November 24 2010 @ 11:48 PM CST

The monopoly business model of Microsoft has been to tax (productive) use of computers. Essentially, a parasitic business model based on monoploy control over the distribution of infrastructure software. Such a parasitic business model is the only explanation for a long term 80% margin on sales.


Their strategy for the future seems to be to continue their parasitic business model by taxing the use of Linux (and other FLOSS). Now using the legal system and patents in the USA. These deals fit into this strategy like a hand in a glove.


Some day we will see an economic study about the world wide (oportunity and productivity) costs of the Microsoft monopoly. I expect the costs to run in the tens of trillions. The revenues of the MS "ecosystem" alone is around 8 times the revenues of MS itself, ie, around $400B/year. Lost opportunities and productivity will be a multiple of that.








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