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Thursday, June 22 2017 @ 09:27 AM CDT

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Announced Post-BRM votes on DIS
Authored by: Anonymous on Saturday, March 08 2008 @ 08:44 AM CST
I thought it might be useful to have somewhere to post the results of the actual Post-BRM NB votes - whether they change or not.

Looks like the US vote may already have been decided - and not on technical grounds.  From Doug MaHugh's blog:

"I just got off a 3-hour call with my colleagues on the V1 technical committee, in which I and the other members of the US delegation to the BRM presented our thoughts on what happened at the BRM. Then we all voted on what to recommend to the INCITS Executive Board for the final US position on DIS 29500.

The final outcome: we are recommending that the US maintain its Approve position on DIS 29500. The next step will be for the INCITS Executive Board to conduct a letter ballot to approve this result."

This seems to be pretty quick work given the contention that has been discussed here and elsewhere concerning the BRM irregularities.

Looks like Mr Farance was out-numbered (or out-maneuvered) by MS-controlled votes and that the US does not appear that it will at all be supporting standards quality where DIS29500 is concerned.

Why does the INCITS Executive Board need to conduct a letter ballot ?  I thought that only applied if the vote was to change ?

Or is this INCITS conducting an internal US ballot of the V1 committee and others to determine whether the US will change its vote ?

Isn't this a bit early to have already decided that MSOOXML (Post BRM) is satisfactory as an ISO standard ?

I'm wondering how deep into the US standards approval process the corruption of the MSOOXML marketing has penetrated since I'm seeing the damage done to the US economy by MS products on a daily basis.

For those not aware, while MS vendors are working around MS bugs & limitations, companies owned by overseas corporations are moving to Linux en mass and have IT departments that support their business plans instead of business plans that support their IT and Microsoft.

If there ever were a black-and-white decision on standards acceptability, DIS29500 should be that standard and I fear that the US will be influenced by other than technical and usability aspects of this DIS (aspects such as $$$).

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