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Thursday, June 22 2017 @ 09:18 AM CDT

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Showdown in Geneva: Most OOXML Dispositions Fail to Achieve Majority Approval at BRM
Authored by: Anonymous on Thursday, March 06 2008 @ 02:38 AM CST
Andy following on from my previous post (with the links to the notes and resolutions) and having now had time to read through the PDFs I get this distinct impression...

NB1:"Gah this is awful... at the very least it should be done like this to start with"
NB2:"Indeed this would be a lot more suitable for a spec"
Rest:"Agreed - the editor is instructed to incorporate resolution X"

Consequently most of the resolutions were to get the text in a state that could possibly be presented at the start of the standardisation process. I understand that all there were professionals and I expect they all felt an obligation to at least produce a text that was improved over that which they had initially been given (and hence a no to keep the text as is would be non-sensical to a certain extent except as a protest) but I believe that is exactly what crippled the process.

There appears to have been so many basic changes to it (that quite frankly should have been sorted in ECMA first) that by the time those were heard and accepted there was little or no time at all for proper polish and technical discussion at the BRM to make it worthy of an ISO stamp.

So yes consequently a lot of changes were accepted.... but if I submitted a thesis or other work and then had 100+ people point out broken XML fragments, random oddities (the date stuff being a great example there) and simple grammar/spelling mistakes would I be proud of those changes and broadcast to the world how great it is that I convinced 100+ other people to do basic correction on it for me? Of course not - any sensible person would be embarrassed by the mistakes.

Do you - or Alex if you are reading this - have any comments on this based on your experiences last week?

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