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Thursday, June 22 2017 @ 09:22 AM CDT

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Endgame planned?...to what end?
Authored by: Anonymous on Monday, March 03 2008 @ 02:35 PM CST
If I understand it correctly, we have the following:
- The ballots for the mass vote saved for the last day were prepared ahead of time, Yes?
- Some people, but not the NB HoDs, knew of this plan and sanctioned the pre planned rule change, Yes?
- The voting choices created for this one-time event allowed "Not Yes" votes to be split three ways, Yes?
- The endgame was presented to the "participants", at the last possible moment, w/ no discussion, Yes?
- 800 + issues were "resolved" by "consensus" as the one way to vote "yes" got more votes then any individual way to vote "no"

Given the above (assuming its true) what information is available to Citizens to understand how the whole meeting was not well planned for for exactly this "80% issues resolved PR outcome"?

Who designed the ballot? When? Why? Who "approved"?

When early-in-the-week procedural questions were raised, or attempted to be raised, did those in charge of the rules know that the endgame was already defined?

What is their relationship to ECMA & Microsoft?

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