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Thursday, June 22 2017 @ 02:15 PM CDT

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Who wants a better standard?
Authored by: Anonymous on Monday, March 03 2008 @ 01:52 AM CST

"If those that want to see OOXML go through are successful, then we will have to live with a standard that could have been much better if more time had been spent."

In all of the discussions about the BRM, there is talk about an attempt to make DIS 29500 a better standard. But I have never been able to figure out who wants a better DIS 29500?

MS and Ecma have never shown any interest in a "better"  DIS29500 standard, only in one that is even more closely aligned with MS Office 2007. I remember that MS have not committed to implement anything in DIS29500 that deviates from Ecma 376 (or Office 2007).

Few, if any, outside MS have been able to implement anything more than partial read-only access to MS Office 2007 Ecma 376 documents.  I believe even MS Office for the Mac has not been able to do high fidelity processing of Ecma 376 documents. But anything easier to implement will be incompatible with MS Office 2007 documents. So why bother?

Who are those people not paid by MS waiting for a better DIS29500 that will not be implemented by MS?

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