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Saturday, May 27 2017 @ 02:42 PM CDT

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Frank Farance Interview Quotes
Authored by: Andy Updegrove on Sunday, March 02 2008 @ 02:04 PM CST
For those that have asked for additional information on my sources, I see that Frank Farance has been quoted in a number of articles now.  While there were many delegates I spoke to in addition to Frank, he is a Head of Delegation (for the US), and therefore was a part of discussions in HoD meetings as well as in general meetings.  Here are some of his statements, with links to where they can be found:

ComputerWorld article (Eric Lai):
"Eighty percent of the changes were not discussed," said Frank Farance, head of the U.S. delegation to this week's ballot resolution meeting (BRM) in ISO, which voted against the changes. "It's like if you had a massive software project and 80% of it was not run through QA."

"It's a big problem," Farance continued. "I've never seen anything like this, and I've been doing this for 25 years."

"People were doing the usual amount of lobbying," he said. "Was anybody doing anything egregious or out of process? No."

EfluxMedia article (Alice Turner:  Same quotes

InfoWorld/IDG News Service
article (Peter Sayer):

If the specification for the OOXML file format is adopted as a standard in its current form, "there are likely to be hundreds of defects," said the head of the U.S. delegation at the meeting, Frank Farance.

"Virtually every comment we processed did not survive unedited," he said.

The 80 percent of comments that were not discussed during the meeting were put to a "default vote," resulting in the automatic adoption of ECMA's recommendations without modification by delegates, he said.

"I see no particular rationale for why we were limited in time. I don't know how you can deal with 6,000 pages with 3,500 comments in a week. It's like trying to run a two-minute mile," he said.

ComputerWorld article (John Fontana):

"I have been doing standards work for 25 years and I have never been through a BRM like this," said Frank Farance, head of the US delegation. "We made good progress on 20 per cent, but virtually everything we were able to approve this week needed review, so it is highly likely that the other 80 per cent would have required some degree of editing."

Farance said: "a lot of rules were made up on the fly," after the delegates realized it was mid-week and their task was only 20 per cent completed. "We were able to get some things corrected, but it was sort of like putting your finger in a dike and then seeing another hole and then another hole."

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