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Thursday, June 22 2017 @ 02:15 PM CDT

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Voting figures
Authored by: Inigo on Sunday, March 02 2008 @ 08:55 AM CST

The votes haven't been made public by ISO, so I'm very sorry, but I can only speak in general terms. With that in mind:

"Assuming for example that the figures that someone has posted above are accurate" - I haven't checked them, but at first glance they look plausible. However, they conflate the "Disapprove" with "Abstain", which makes them almost meaningless. As I explained above, some delegations were abstaining on all issues except issues their own countries had raised. Since the figures that the BRM delegates have access to list "Disapprove" separately from "Abstain", I can only conclude that someone has deliberately merged the original figures to reduce the amount of information that they convey in the interests of promoting their own agenda.

"those dispositions that were discussed were almost invariably changed, often quite a bit" - this is true. However, countries were naturally going to bring up for discussion those dispositions that needed change! There were also, inevitably, many dispositions that were simple and straightforward and required no discussion. I think the interesting question to ask is where the line between those positions should be drawn; i.e. "What proportion of the issues that required discussion were discussed to the NB's satisfaction?". I think you would get many different answers to that.

I have been going through the votes to help inform my own national body. I have been checking the positions that we adopted against the vote outcome, to see whether everything that we approved was accepted and that everything that we disapproved was rejected. I have also been working out the margin by which "approve" votes were passed, and how many votes there were made on each of these issues. If ISO makes the votes public, then I'll be delighted to publish my analysis, but until then I must respect their decision on publication. I think I reasonably can say, though, that your concern about dispositions being voted on by only a single or very few delegations are unfounded.

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