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"Wall of money"
Authored by: Anonymous on Sunday, March 02 2008 @ 06:19 AM CST
We apparently have a "Wall of Money" on one side ... how much could Microsoft afford to spend in an effort to have ISO issue a standard for "Whatever format Microsoft Office 2007 uses to store its documents on disk", and still  come out ahead ?

On the other side, there are a bunch of technical experts, some corporate, some academic, who answered the question of "how should we store long-lived reviseable office productivity documents" with what became ISO 26300 ODF XML; who answered "No, there is no point in ISO issuing a standard for Microsoft Office 2007, and in fact it is damaging if ISO do that.".

Yes, I work for one of these corporations; but I don't represent them. I'm also a physicist and engineer; I can see how to reuse ISO26300 documents an all sorts of ways ; but I can't see what else you can do with a DIS29500 document apart from "Buy a copy of Windows and Office".

An ISO26300 document can be mine. A DIS29500 document is "marketing material for Microsoft".

If you got the 'technical experts' together again, they would come up again with something like ISO26300.

Is there a public interest in "caving to pressure from the wall of money" or "resisting the pressure of the wall of money" ? I understand there are a variety of private interests around ... Microsoft would obviously like the "caving to pressure" result ... but ISO is a "public interest" body.

How to establish the public interest, and keep it established ?

On your Dollar Bills, it says "Good for all debts, public and private". This is a "public" one.

I applaud the BRM ... it was a rare forum where things could be discussed without the intrusion of commercial lawyers, pointy-headed businessmen, heavily-invested shareholders expecting returns from their investments ... a place where engineers, scientists, and public officials could speak.

But what next ?
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