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Thursday, June 22 2017 @ 01:48 PM CDT

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Introducing The Alexandria Project
Authored by: Chris Ward on Tuesday, January 19 2010 @ 01:55 PM CST

Well, we do care. But fundamentally ,'security is a user management responsibility'.

Microsoft sell about $200M-worth of Microsoft Office a day, at maybe $500 a pop. That's half a million copies. OK, maybe some of it is Age-of-Empires video games nowadays.

Do you actually want them to be 'careful of the security of the individual user' ?  I might print a sheet of paper from an Office document and leave it on the road outside, to be picked up by a passer-by. 'Cybersecurity failing', maybe, but not really the vendor's fault. Amusing to have Microsoft executices led away in handcuffs, but not really what I want to happen. Honestly.

Amazon sell OpenSuSE 11 at about $40 a pop (I think) . All I really expect from Amazon at that price is that they deliver the package timely. I don't want Jeff Bezos punished if there's some fault with it; if I depend on it then I will take my own precautions.


In the days of silver-halide film (not many years ago) you could get it developed and printed quite cheaply, so long as you were prepared to accept that the processor's liability was limited to 'replacement with an equivalent amout of unexposed film'. If your pictures were worth more to you, you could insure (with a 3rd party) for the value you thought they had, against the possibility of a screw-up; or you could have them developed by someone you trusted more.


So I shall be interested to see what transpires. But it has to be universally applicable.

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