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Thursday, June 22 2017 @ 02:10 PM CDT

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Voting figures
Authored by: Andy Updegrove on Sunday, March 02 2008 @ 09:23 AM CST
Thanks for your quick response.  I'll  look forward to seeing the numbers if they are released.  It seems like people did the best they could under the circumstances, but necessarily quite a bit less than they would have, had there been no boundaries on the amount of time they could have spent.

I have heard from many others (and I'll try to get them to blog with comments here as well) that adopting the ballot approach at best was a necessary evil.  Another way of looking at it is that if a ballot was deemed to be acceptable, there would not be a requirement for BRMs at all. 

I am told that someone from the Indian delegation made this point in a different way, saying that if he had known that all he was going to be able to do was to fill in a ballot, he would have preferred to have saved the public the cost of his transportation, and had more than one night to do the job as well.

  -  Andy
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