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Tuesday, June 27 2017 @ 09:36 PM CDT

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Showdown in Geneva: OOXML Fails to Achieve Majority Approval at BRM
Authored by: Anonymous on Sunday, March 02 2008 @ 03:22 AM CST

I agree with Inigo that you have used a few factoids to paint a very misleading picture.  And non-factoids too ... 80 percent protesting?  That is downright funny to anyone who was in the room.  Maybe 80 percent of the folks at the bar at the InterContinental each evening were protesting, or the people at the OFE event.

It's interesting to me that there was never a single complaint about O-Members participating in all of the votes we took all week, and O-Members were very active in the technical discussions and preparations of draft resolutions, but as soon as Sam Oh announced the voting results late Friday afternoon, your various friends from the InterContinental started protesting and making lists of O-Members who shouldn't have had any say in the matter.  Did you guy anticipate a different outcome?

- Doug Mahugh, member of US delegation (sorry, I didn't bother to create an account here because I'm posting from a Swiss keyboard at the Geneva airport and it's a time-consuming hassle to check my email ... somebody needs to standardize keyboards!)

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