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Saturday, June 24 2017 @ 02:27 AM CDT

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Procurement problems in the EU
Authored by: Anonymous on Saturday, October 27 2007 @ 05:51 AM CDT
"Which country? Which industry? Which fines? Which year? Which rules? Which ISO standards were involved?  A URL would be very welcome, it is interesting to me."

The EU is rather open about their procurement policies.

Please read here about the infringement procedures:


This one is about computers:
With a ISO standard for processors, there would have been no problem (actually, in all these cases they wanted to procure MS Windows compatible hardware, but they couldn't say that, could they).

As usual, standards are only a (small) part of the infringments. But refering to an ISO standard will get you off the hook in that part. Why? Because you can refer to the WTO treaties.

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