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Thursday, June 29 2017 @ 11:08 AM CDT

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The worse, the better
Authored by: Anonymous on Tuesday, October 23 2007 @ 10:31 PM CDT
Where do you get the idea that this is caused by bad faith?  I know conspiracy theories are attractive, but the more reasonable explanation is just that this is just the normal mix of newbie and old-timer SNAFUs: some National Body organizations not prepping committee organizers enough, some committee organizers not realizing they had to vote, some local committee equivalents not meeting, the votes being at the bottom of the list of activity, some committees not having the expertise to follow up,  and some people tasked to review not reviewing. 

If we have no evidence of bad faith in others, all we have is prejudice which is hardly good faith!

The trouble is that people think ISO is somehow like a law-maker or a policeman, and they get upset that it is doesn't act to defeat monopoly. But ISO is more like a library that accepts books that are properly catalogued from anyone, or a postman that delivers mail to anyone where the mail is properly addressed, or a notary who signs for anyone provided the proper formalities are attended to. You don't want the postman to refuse to deliver mail to Microsoft because it has a monopoly in the OS and desktop applications market and to IBM because of its mainframe monopoly and to Apple because of its music monopoly (if it is at that stage). 

In order to keep up with a committee like SC34 well, NBs need nearly monthly meetings: this is because there are 3-monthly general meetings around the world and agenda items have to be submitted (6?) weeks in advance. So NBs need one meeting to discuss the outcomes of the general meeting and propose agenda items for the next one before that (6 week?) deadline; then another meeting when agenda is published to come to NB positions. Then to arrange delegates or proxies to the meeting.  During the meeting, general votes are not taken on the same day they are proposed, in order to allow consideration by NBs in different time zones; so it is good to have a local NB meeting at the same time as the 3 monthly meeting. That is the kind of commitment that a P-country should be considering, but only the most interested NBs achieve this. Some NBs are responders not initiators, and they only really need to meet once every three months or so in order to attend to the ballot comments of their experts. And if they are not interested, they just need to register abstain votes. 

Rick Jelliffe
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